Dodd-Frank Act

Executive compensation and regulatory compliance

Financier Worldwide Roundtable Discussion, Executive Compensation and Regulatory Compliance Arnstein & Lehr Partner Charles Pautsch recently participated in Financier Worldwide’s roundtable on executive compensation and regulatory compliance. Financier Worldwide indicates that the financial crisis put a spotlight on executive pay. Emerging reforms have companies making efforts to link pay to performance. However, measuring performance can […]

Litigation Trends: Say-on-Pay — Executive compensation issues under the Dodd-Frank Act

Arnstein & Lehr Partner Charles Pautsch examines voting and litigation trends following the second year of executive compensation proxy contests under Dodd-Frank in his article, “US say-on-pay results and litigation trends.” He looks at the role of the ISS as companies react to the results of these contests. Mr. Pautsch’s analysis also tracks the direction […]