Non Competition Agreements

Continued Employment Constitutes Sufficient Consideration for Restrictive Covenants

E. Jason Tremblay Wisconsin Supreme Court: Continued Employment Constitutes Sufficient Consideration for Restrictive Covenants in Wisconsin Resolving previously unsettled law in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Supreme Court recently held in Runzheimer International Ltd v. Friedlen that continued employment of an at-will employee following the execution of a restrictive covenant, such as a non-competition agreement, is sufficient […]

The importance of legal documentation between business partners to avoid costly litigation

Arnstein & Lehr Chicago Partner Steven N. Malitz has written an article entitled, “Leverage and Documentation Create Business Freedom.” In this article, Mr. Malitz discusses his successful representation of a shareholder in two separate suits brought against him by a fellow shareholder and the facts and results of the litigation. The case involved the disagreement […]

A Recent Illinois Supreme Court Decision Should Make It Easier To Enforce Non-Competition Agreements

On December 1, 2011, the Illinois Supreme Court issued an opinion in Reliable Fire Equipment Company v. Arnold Arrendondo, et al. that set forth the factors that the Illinois courts should look to in evaluating the reasonableness of non-competition agreements. The Court reaffirmed that a non-competition agreement is reasonable only if the following the following […]

Make Sure Your Non-Competition, Non-Disclosure And Non-Solicitation Agreements Have Extension Clauses.

In order to ensure that an employer gets the full benefit of the restrictive time period in its non-competition, non-disclosure or non-solicitation agreements, employers in Illinois should make sure that such agreements contain “extension clauses.”  An extension clause states that the time period of the restrictive covenant will not start or will be extended for […]