Seventh Circuit

U.S. Supreme Court Has Been Busy on the Employment Front

In the last two months, the U.S. Supreme Court has decided three different cases, all of which have significant implications for employers.

Eighth Circuit Again Deconstructs FMLA Constructive Notice

This year marks a decade for employers in the Seventh Circuit dealing with the difficult concept of “constructive notice” for an employee’s Family and Medical Leave Act leave. But the Eighth Circuit recently again questioned whether that rule is still legitimate. First, a reminder. The Family and Medical Leave Act allows for an employee to […]

Employee investigations—in some circuits, you can rely on what you know

Circuit decisions offer a reminder about the importance of conducting an investigation before disciplining or terminating employees Arnstein & Lehr Chicago Partner Mark Spognardi and Milwaukee Associate Jesse Dill recently published “Employee investigations—in some circuits, you can rely on what you know.” In their article, they discuss how a recent decision by the 8th Circuit […]

Wisconsin’s deer hunting season is upon us

Citizens of Wisconsin and many surrounding areas are very familiar with our state’s long tradition of deer hunting in November. Here, it is often a rite of passage for parents to take their kids out for a few days off in the woods. In the weeks leading up to hunting season, many also spend their […]