Terminated Employees

Authority grows on concealed weapons in the workplace

In light of recent events, many employers are more concerned than ever over violence entering the workplace. Policies and security measures are being examined and highly scrutinized. Last month I wrote about a Western District of Kentucky decision that found an employee was not protected by Kentucky law when he pulled a firearm from his […]

LinkedIn and “Recommending” – A refresher on potential liability

Lately I’ve noticed a lot of people are taking greater advantage of LinkedIn’s “recommending” feature. With this tool, a user can request that another user comment on that individual’s professional performance, skill, reputation, and the like. Not only is this feature available, but LinkedIn actually suggests you request a recommendation to complete your profile. Unlike […]

Conducting Employee Exit Interviews

Arnstein & Lehr Chicago Partner E. Jason Tremblay authored the article titled “How to get the most out of your final discussion with a departing employee,” which appeared in the March 5 edition of Inside Counsel. In the article, Mr. Tremblay explains that exit interviews are generally the last opportunity the employer has to speak […]

2012 Employment Law Toolkit for Illinois Employers now available

Arnstein & Lehr Chicago Partner Jason Tremblay’s recently published the 2012 edition of the handbook, Employment Law Toolkit for Illinois Employers, is now available. The handbook is a comprehensive resource highlighting the significant employment and labor issues facing Illinois employers. It provides practical and cost-effective advice on avoiding employment and labor-related liability and complying with […]

Jason Tremblay writes article for Inside Counsel on handling references for terminated employees

Arnstein & Lehr Chicago Partner Jason Tremblay authored the article titled “How to properly handle references for terminated employees,” which appeared in the February 6 edition of Inside Counsel. Mr. Tremblay’s article focuses on the complications that may arise when a company gives a reference for a terminated employee. He indicates there is a fine […]