Continued Employment Constitutes Sufficient Consideration for Restrictive Covenants

E. Jason Tremblay Wisconsin Supreme Court: Continued Employment Constitutes Sufficient Consideration for Restrictive Covenants in Wisconsin Resolving previously unsettled law in Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Supreme Court recently held in Runzheimer International Ltd v. Friedlen that continued employment of an at-will employee following the execution of a restrictive covenant, such as a non-competition agreement, is sufficient […]

Should Wisconsin employers look to Kentucky for help on concealed carry?

Don’t worry – this is not a Bob Costas halftime post regarding anybody’s opinion on guns. We are just sticking to the court cases here, everyone. Last month, I wrote about some of the issues Wisconsin employers face with deer hunting season. One of those issues that could cause some Wisconsin employers headaches was the […]

Wisconsin’s deer hunting season is upon us

Citizens of Wisconsin and many surrounding areas are very familiar with our state’s long tradition of deer hunting in November. Here, it is often a rite of passage for parents to take their kids out for a few days off in the woods. In the weeks leading up to hunting season, many also spend their […]

Charles W. Pautsch and Jesse R. Dill write article in Thomson Reuters News & Insight Legal on social media and Section 7 of the National Labor Relations Act

Arnstein & Lehr Milwaukee Partner Charles W. Pautsch (pictured far left) and Associate Jesse R. Dill (pictured near left) have written an article that appeared in the April 24 issue of Thomson Reuters News & Insight Legal. The article, titled “Social media and Section 7: Why companies should think N-L-R-A when employees p-o-s-t,” discusses a […]

Wisconsin Wins offers employers new training program for hiring unemployed individuals

On March 26, 2012, a new pilot program will go into effect for Wisconsin employers that will allow them to give potential new employees a training period before making a final hiring decision. The new law is also designed to help employees who are out of work to receive training for a new job. The […]

Wisconsin Legislature passes law affecting damages available in Wisconsin for discrimination claims

On February 21, 2012, the Wisconsin Assembly completed the final legislative steps in eliminating the availability of compensatory and punitive damages for violations of the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act. The bill, passed last November by the Wisconsin Senate as Senate Bill 202, repeals a law from 2009 that created the availability of such damages for […]

Chuck Pautsch and Jesse Dill address social media law on BizTimes.com

Arnstein & Lehr Milwaukee Partner Chuck Pautsch and Associate Jesse Dill authored the article “Court cases are shaping social media law,” which appeared in the January 24 issue of BizTimes.com, which covers Milwaukee and southeastern Wisconsin business news. The article describes how companies can protect their social media accounts and online assets when employees leave […]