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Announcing Our Combined Blog!

As with our merger, two highly informative blogs geared towards employers have been combined – WISE: Workplace Initiatives by Saul Ewing and The General Counselor, are now WISE: Workplace Initiatives and Strategies for Employers. Our combined blog will keep you WISE with labor and employment law updates and up-to-date on various issues. Please check out […]

Mandatory Employee Handbook Policies – Part II

EMPLOYMENT LAW ESSENTIALS E. Jason Tremblay In light of the huge increase in wage and hour litigation under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and related state law, employers must clearly outline policies addressing wage and hour issues, such as timekeeping, overtime, lawful deductions for exempt employees and “safe harbor” rules. Building on my last […]

Mandatory Employee Handbook Policies – Part I

EMPLOYMENT LAW ESSENTIALS E. Jason Tremblay Following up on my last article regarding whether a company should maintain an employee handbook, the next important question to answer is what provisions are essential to maintain in a handbook. There are literally hundreds of policies that an employer can insert into a handbook, but this article (as […]

Properly Maintaining Personnel Files

Since virtually all employment disputes relate in some way to what documents are kept in an employee’s personnel file, it is crucial that employers properly maintain employee personnel files.

Employer and Labor Law Posting Requirements

Employment laws require employers to post state, federal and locally mandated posters where visible to employees that inform them of their employment law rights.

New Illinois Sick Leave Laws Compliance Seminar

“Back to Basics” Employment Law Series Properly Complying with New Illinois Sick Leave Laws Three recently enacted laws expanding sick leave benefits within the state of Illinois will soon impact employers with operations in Illinois. This presentation will discuss the new sick leave laws and provide helpful strategies to comply with the new laws. When: […]

Cook County Sick Leave Poster and Draft Regulations Are Available

In anticipation of the upcoming effective date (July 1, 2017) of the Cook County “Earned Sick Leave” Ordinance, the Cook Commission on Human Rights recently published the mandatory poster required to be posted by all employers covered by the Ordinance.

New Laws Impacting Illinois Employers in 2016 and Beyond

E. Jason Tremblay While Illinois appears to be in legislative gridlock on a wide variety of political and legislative fronts, it has become abundantly clear that such gridlock has not curtailed the passage of employment and labor-related legislation in Illinois. The following are highlights of seven new laws impacting Illinois employers in 2016 and beyond. […]

Early Holiday Present For Employers – Overtime Regulations Stayed

E. Jason Tremblay In a last minute blow to the Obama Administration’s labor and employment legacy, a federal district court in Texas granted an emergency motion for preliminary injunction yesterday barring the Department of Labor from enforcing its revised overtime rules, scheduled to take effect on December 1, 2016. See decision here. The final regulations […]

New Form I-9 Goes Into Effect On January 21, 2017

E. Jason Tremblay A revised Employment Eligibility Verification Form I-9, which is required to be filled out for every new employee, was recently issued by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. The new version is here. Among other changes to the form, Section 1 now asks to provide “other last names used” and streamlines the […]