Employers Need Blogging and Social Networking Guidelines

Social Media in the Workplace

Social Media in the Workplace

As an attorney working with companies whose employees use social media on a daily basis I have observed that companies often react after problems occur instead of dealing with new technology proactively through sensible employee policies.  Whether employees are twittering, texting, facebooking, or blogging, employee handbooks may now need social media guidelines. Employees are likely using social media, during and after work.  The risks and legal issues associated with such use, while still developing, are not to be ignored when revising employee handbooks in order to keep up with the ever-changing social media landscape. Potential legal issues abound, and employers must set clear guidelines for employees in order to avoid potential problems.

Some areas to address are:

  • The type of information employees can share and what should remain confidential
  • Personal use of social media during working hours/on company computers or cell phones
  • Guidance on using social media appropriately in career development and marketing
  • Guidelines on blogging and social networking about the workplace

For some more thought provoking reading on social media in the workplace take a look at Lawsuits & PR Nightmares: Why Employees Need Social Media Guidelines.

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