Make Sure Your Non-Competition, Non-Disclosure And Non-Solicitation Agreements Have Extension Clauses.

In order to ensure that an employer gets the full benefit of the restrictive time period in its non-competition, non-disclosure or non-solicitation agreements, employers in Illinois should make sure that such agreements contain “extension clauses.”  An extension clause states that the time period of the restrictive covenant will not start or will be extended for […]

New Bill Would Alter Non-Compete Law in Illinois

Illinois businesses should be aware that Illinois House Bill 4923 would radically alter the law regarding non-competition agreements in Illinois by creating the Illinois Not to Compete Act.  This Act would restrict the enforceability of non-competition agreements in several key respects and create numerous rebuttable presumptions in favor of employees that would make it more […]

In-house Counsel Non-Competes: Fair or Foul?

By Paul E. Starkman There have been recent reports of some large companies trying to lock their in-house attorneys into non-competition, non-solicitation and other restrictive covenants.  Other companies thinking about jumping onto this bandwagon may find that they cannot treat their in-house counsel like other employees when it comes to post-employment restrictions. As a general rule, […]