IRS Creates A Form Affidavit For Payroll Tax Exemption Under The Hire Act

In conjunction with the recently-passed Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (“HIRE”) Act, the Internal Revenue Service (“IRS”) just issued a form Employee Affidavit that employers can use to claim a payroll tax exemption.  You can view and print out the form affidavit at: As we detailed in our earlier posting on the HIRE Act, the new law contains two significant tax breaks that […]

Jobs Bill Passes the Senate and Moves to the House

News reports say that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi expects the House will soon consider the Senate-passed $15 billion jobs bill (H.R. 2847), known as the Hiring Incentives to Restore Employment (HIRE) Act, that passed the Senate by a 70-28 vote on Feb. 24.  The bill passed by the Senate and presently before the House includes […]