Employers Need Blogging and Social Networking Guidelines

As an attorney working with companies whose employees use social media on a daily basis I have observed that companies often react after problems occur instead of dealing with new technology proactively through sensible employee policies.  Whether employees are twittering, texting, facebooking, or blogging, employee handbooks may now need social media guidelines. Employees are likely […]

Mark Spognardi warns the readers of HR Wire of possible pitfalls when recruiting via social media

General-Counselor.com contributor and Labor & Employment attorney at Arnstein & Lehr LLP, Mark Spognardi, was recently interviewed by HR Wire for an article entitled, “The Pros and Cons of Recruiting Via Social Media.”  Mr. Spognardi warns HR professionals to use social media as a screening tool rather than replacing face-to-face interviews altogether.  He goes on […]